The Biology Department offers two majors that span from molecules to whole organisms to ecosystems and evolution. For students interested in investigating biological questions at all levels of organization, we offer a highly integrative Biology Major. For students with interests primarily at the cellular and molecular level, we offer an interdisciplinary Molecular and Cellular Biology major.

The Biology department is dedicated to providing students with a strong foundation in biology. Within the laboratories, students hone essential skills in experimentation and execute guided investigations. Students in both majors are able to further feed their specific interests by choosing among a range of upper-level elective courses. Beyond the classroom, the Biology department provides extensive opportunities for students to conduct independent research with faculty members.


Interested in going abroad but not sure you can fit it in with your Biology major? Check out the Study Abroad website to browse some of the Biology-related opportunities available.

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There are a number of opportunities for members of the community of biologists at Puget Sound to get together outside the classroom or lab.


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