Class of 2024 School of Music


Any academic program takes pride in the accomplishments of its alumni, and the School of Music is no exception. In music, their successes have produced accolades on concert stages and in opera houses. They have held leadership positions in the music industry. They hold faculty positions at universities, and they have influenced generations of students in public schools. They are successful and notable conductors, composers, and scholars, and they enjoy successful careers outside of music as well.

These pages, devoted to music alumni, are designed to inform and to celebrate. Currently this site includes information on graduate school acceptances, links to pages that may be of interest to alumni, and profiles offering a sampling of the careers and activities of some graduates. In the future look for more profiles, new pages for and about alumni, and an interactive portal through which alumni can stay in touch.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact Tracy Doyle, Director of the School of Music.