The International Political Economy Program is pleased to provide at least one grant (usually up to $2000, but sometimes more depending on availability) to support an international internship experience in the upcoming summer. Students who apply for, and are offered, an internship can use the IPE International Internship Grant to help pay for costs such as transportation, accommodations, and meals. The grant can be used for either a paid or unpaid internship. Priority is given to an internship in a foreign country; however, an internship in the United States will also be considered for funding if it is with an organization that has a globally-focused mission. Funding for the IPE International Internship Grant comes from the Nicholas Vasilius IPE Endowment Fund.

Students are encouraged to begin researching possible international internships at the beginning of the Spring semester in order to give themselves enough time to apply for internships and receive conformation of acceptance before applying for the IPE International Internship Grant. Internships must last for at least four weeks; there is no maximum duration for the length of a summer internship.

Terms and Conditions for the IPE International Internship Grant:

  1. Applicants must be IPE majors in good standing.
  2. The grant involves at least four weeks of participation in a full-time internship during the summer months (usually but not always between the junior and senior year).
  3. The grant recipient must email a written report to the Director of the IPE Program by September 21, 2020. Submission guidelines for the written report.
  4. The grant recipient must give a presentation during Fall 2020 for the IPE Program’s Brown Bag Series.

A complete application will contain:

  1. A completed IPE International Internship Grant cover sheet.
  2. A Project Statement. Applicants should provide information about the organization offering the internship, the location of the internship, the duration of the internship, and the specific tasks that will be performed as part of it. Applications should also explain how participation in this internship will promote specific educational and career goals. Please limit the statement to two single-spaced pages (12 pt. font).
  3. A letter of support from a faculty advisor. The faculty supervisor must agree to be available for consultation during the duration of the internship.
  4. Confirmation of acceptance from the organization offering the internship. An email message or letter is acceptable as proof of acceptance.
  5. A Puget Sound transcript (an unofficial transcript is OK).
  6. A brief budget listing expected expenses related to the internship, including transportation costs, accommodation, meals, etc. Your budget need not add up to exactly $2000.
  7. Travel documentation. See the cover sheet for information on travel documentation.

Completed applications must be submitted to Reggie Tison, IPE secretary (McIntyre Hall 213) no later than 12 noon on Friday, March 27, 2020.

Contact IPE Director Pierre Ly ( if you have any questions.