Spring 2020

  • Jillian Stoewer: "The Effect of Hip Flexibility on Sagittal Plane Kinematics During Running" Advisor: Mike Pohl.

Spring 2018

  • Rachel Gillespie: “The Relationship Between Hip Muscular Endurance and Hip Biomechanics during Running” Advisor: Mike Pohl.

Spring 2016

  • Rachel Bowdle: “The Time-of-day Effect of Isokinetic Peak Torque During Knee Flexion and Extension”
  • Olivia Fair: “The Effect of Music on Isokinetic Peak Torque During Performance in Female Collegiate Athletes”

Spring 2015

  • Ashley Agcaoili: “The Effect of High Tempo Music on Isokinetic Peak torque in Collegiate Female Athletes”
Student Theses Archive

Spring 2012

  • Jocelyn Riordan: “The Acute Effect of Pre-exercise Static and Dynamic Stretching on Isokinetic Peak Torque in Trained and Untrained College Age Females”

Spring 2011

  • Melissa Abellanida: “Bilateral Strength Testing in Dominant and Non-Dominant Plant Leg in Soccer Players”

Spring 2010

  • Claire Ely: "Effects of Ascending vs. Descending Velocity Order on Peak Torque Production in College Aged Females"
  • Nika Evans: “The Effects of Visual Feedback and Verbal Encouragement in College-Age Male and Female Athletes”
  • Nika Evans: “Relationship Between Hip and Ankle Strength and Static and Dynamic Balance”
  • Kevin Wright: "Effect of Velocity Order on Peak Torque in Isokinetic Testing of Males"

Spring 2009

  • Deanna Malikie: "Effect of Variable Numbers of Repetitions on Peak Torque in Isokinetic Testing of the Knee Extensors"
  • Sarah Moody: "Investigating Effects of Variable Numbers of Repetitions on Peak Torque in Females Using Isokinetic Testing"

Spring 2008

  • Kristin Longwell: "The Effects of Rest Interval on Peak Torque in Females During Isokinetic Knee Extension"

Spring 2004

  • Erin Honda: "Exercise Adherence in the Elderly"
  • Jennifer McLuen: "Personal Involvement vs. Passive Observing of Birds Used as a Therapeutic Modality in Assisted Facilities"

Spring 2003

  • Rachel Tailby: "Exercise and Mood: The Effects of a Four Day Aerobic Exercise Program on Anxiety, Depression, Positive and Negative Affect"

Spring 2002

  • Megan Fedigan & Lindsay Stailey: "The Effects of Caffeine on Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) in Moderately Trained Caffeine Habituated, College Age Females"
  • Maximo Gomez II: "Autonomic Responses to Lower Body Negative Pressure Following Ten Weeks of Resistance Training In Females"
  • Shannon Koszarek & Tom Wells, P.E.D.: "Spirituality and the Flow State in Athletics"
    Sara S. Jarvis & Tom Wells, P.E.D.: "Vagal Activity Decreases in Early Stages of Moderate Exercise at Simulated Altitude (2130m)"

Spring 2001

  • Emese Csonka: "Validity and Reliability of the Data Recorder Backpack"
  • Brett Kakuda: "The Effect of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Glucose Metabolism and Lactate Accumulation During Two Consecutive Days of Resistance Training in Females"
  • Marisa Lee: "The Effect of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Strength Performance During Two Consecutive Days of Resistance Training in College-Aged Females"
  • Tae Ho Lee: "The Effects of Backpacks on Spinal Lordosis"
  • Julie Louis: "Does Post-Exercise Massage Reduce the Effects of Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness"
  • Jessica Sotelo: "Cardiovascular Responses to Lower Body Negative Pressure in Highly Trained Female Rowers and Runners"

Spring 2000

  • Rebekah Baylis: "The Effects of Backpack Load Carriage on the Gait and Posture of Children"
  • Kimberly Cadagan: "The Effects of a 2-Week Interval Training Program on Moderately Active College-Aged Females"
  • Leslie Fowler: "The Effects of Low and High Glycemic Carbohydrates on Blood Glucose Levels and Satiety"
  • Ann Fujimoto: "The Effects of Orthotics on Subtalar Joint Pronation and Tibial Rotation"
  • Nathan Guy: "Different Levels of Physical Activity and Fitness: Their Relation to Heart Rate Variability"
  • Sean K. Y. Higuchi: "The Effect of Stair Stepper vs. Treadmill Exercise on Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption"
  • Staci Joyner: "The Effects of Continuous and Interval Exercise on Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption in Moderately Trained Women"
  • Daniel C. Kamimura: "Effect of Massage on the Autonomic Nervous System"
  • Lyn H. Nakagawa: "The Effect of a 2-Week Interval Training Program on the Heat Tolerance of Physically Active Female College Students"
  • Cashin White: "The Effect of Fatigue Due to Backpack Load on the Gait and Posture of Youth Ages 8-9 Years"
  • Ryan D. York: "Ground Reaction and the Effect of Orthotic Devices to Correct Foot Pronation During Ambulation"

Fall 1999

  • Leina Tanaka: "The Effects of Fatigue on Posture and Gait with Student Backpacks"

Spring 1999

  • Heather Harpel: "Effects of Exercise Intensity on EPOC in College Age Moderately Trained Females"
  • Kyle Kikucki: "The Effects of a Six Week Tai Chi Program on Cardiovascular Fitness"
  • Anna Karlin: "The Effects of Autogenic Training on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability"
  • Troy Lindstrom: "Is Ultrasound Superior to Heat Packs for Increasing Active Ankle Dorsiflexion?"
  • Jill Tomlinson: "The Influence of Strength and Balance on Maintaining Independence in the Elderly Population"
  • Megan White: "The Effects of Backpack Design on Stride and Posture During Load Carriage"
  • Danielle Woods: "Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption in Trained and Untrained Female College-Age Volunteers"

Spring 1998

  • James G. Halberg: “The Effects of Gatorade on Variable Intensity, Intermittent Exercise”
  • Steven W.F. Lee: “Cryotherapy Does Not Affect Active Knee Flexion”
  • Jonathan Miwa: “The Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Bench Press Performance”
  • Molly Peyton: “Aeroposture Does Not Affect Cardiorespiratory Response to Stationary Cycling”
  • Dan R. Springer: “Cryotherapy Has Little Effect on Quadriceps Force”

Fall 1997

  • Eric Deines: "The Effects of an ‘Eyerobics’ Visual Training Program on the Batting Performance of Female College Softball Players”
  • Adam Johnson: “Gait Pattern Difference in Overground Versus Treadmill Running”
  • Angelina Mahoric: “Effects of the ‘Zone Diet’ on High-Intensity Cycling Performance”

Spring 1997

  • Domi Ahuna & Lara Koerselman: “Factor Analysis of Flexibility; Follow-Up”
  • Dayna Anzai: “The Effects of Energy Intake and Exercise on Resting Metabolic Rate”
  • Hi'ilei Saragosa: "The Effects of Moderate Exercise on Next Day Resting Metabolic Rate"
  • Lisa Cena: "The Effects of Energy Intake on Resting Metabolic Rate"
  • Jeff Askins: “Focus on the Lumbar Spine During Parallel Squat”
  • Kirsten Carmiencke: “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption in Trained and Untrained Individuals”
  • Eric Gregory: “The Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Loading on Sprint Swimming”
  • Brace Hayden: “Anaerobic Performance Effects of the Breathe-Right Strip Nasal Dilator”
  • Heather Houston: “The Effect of Protein Meal Mode on the Acute Thermogenic Response in Man”
  • Bryan Lee: “The Effects of Supplemental Chromium Picolinate on Body Composition of Trained University Males”
  • Erin Lindquist & Nina Higuchi: “The Effects of Nutrition Education on Highly Trained College Swimmers”
  • Jennifer Love: “The Effects of Ice Massage Therapy on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”
  • Angela Merlo: “The Effects of a High Carbohydrate Diet on Resting Metabolic Rate and Substrate Utilization”
  • Tamra Peterson: “The Affects of Aerobic Exercise vs. Anaerobic Exercise on the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption in Untrained Individuals”
  • Joe Theine: “Biomechanical Comparison of Overground and Variable Impact Treadmill Gait Patterns”
  • Jon Tsuda: “The Effects of Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation on Repeated Acute High Intensity Exercise”
  • Josh Waltier: “Plyometric Training Versus Weight Training for Overhand Throwers”
  • Carrie Wigton: “A Comparison of the Width of the Femoral Intercondylar Notch Between Genders and the Incidence of ACL Tears”
  • Chad Williams & Chris Westby: “The Effects of Carbohydrate Supplementation on Multiple Bouts of Incline Leg Press”
  • Raina Wilson: “The Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”
  • Mary Zielinske: “The Acute Effects of Educational Kinesiology or Brain Gym on Reaction Time”

Fall 1996

  • None

Spring 1996

  • Steven Brewer: "The Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation on Muscle Soreness Recovery Time Following Eccentric Work"
  • Stephane Dunbar: "The Effects of Three Strengthening Exercise Regimens of Five Functional Performance Tests"
  • Tisha Giesbrecht: "Sleep Deprivation and Reaction Time"
  • Melissa Mackie: "The Effects of Repeated Weight Cycling on The Basal Metabolism of Rats"
  • Melissa McCaw: "Day to Day Variation in Resting Metabolic Rates"
  • Camaron Miller: "Weight Gain in College Women"
  • Brendan Norris: "The Effects of Testosterone on Satellite Cells Activity in the Quadriceps Muscles of Female Rats"
  • April Plattner & Jason Zedaker: "Biomechanical Analysis of Gait Pattern Variability on a Controlled Impact Treadmill in Comparison to Overground Locomotion"
  • Allison Schatz: "The Rate of Metabolic Changes Following Repeated Weight Cycling in Rats"
  • Rachel Shaffer: "The Accuracy of the Harris Benedict Formula or Predicting Resting Metabolic Rates"
  • Christina Tercek: "The Size of the Intercondylar Notch and the Incidence of Anterior Cruciate Injury"
  • Julie Triggs: "Time of Day Variation in Resting Metabolic Rates"
  • Danielle Yancey: "The Effects of Caffeine on Strength"

Fall 1995

  • Margaret Bowersox: “The Symptoms & Effects of Overtraining on High School Age Swimmers”

Spring 1995

  • Emily Kellman: "The Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on Highly Trained Distance Runners in a 1500 M Run”
  • Lisa Herlinger: “The Short-Term Effects of Dieting and Exercise on Resting Metabolic Rate”
  • Aimee Buchanan: “Exercise During Pregnancy: The Effects of Exercise on Delivery Outcome”
  • Glenn Veil: “Trunk Flexion in the Parallel Squat as a Mechanism for Spinal Injury”
  • Monique Carroll: “Functional Training as a Supplemental Conditioning Program for Off-Season College Football Players”
  • Missy Law: “Day-to-Day Variations in Energy Expenditure of Human Subjects at Rest”
  • Kurt Stiefer: "The Comparison of Passive Versus Active Stretching of the Hamstrings and Internal Rotation of the Hip as it Relates to Low Back Pain Patients"
  • Molly Avery: "The Effects of a Four-Week Hydrotherapy Program on the Flexibility, Hand-Grip Strength, and Self- Per Reception of Rheumatoid Arthritics"
  • Molly Abraham: “The Effects of Intense Training on the Resting Metabolic Rate of Competitive Female Swimmers”
  • Rhonda Baires: “A Comparison of Strength Training and Aerobic Training on the Body Composition of Overweight Females”

Fall 1994

  • Michelle Kieft: “The Effects of Dehydration on Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Blood Lactate in Trained Rowers”
  • Angie Bagg: “The Effects of Strength and Aerobic Training on Resting Metabolism”
  • Danita Erickson-Parkhurst: "Biomechanical Studies of Elite Female 1500 Meter Middle Distance Runners"
  • John Turney: "The Effects of Visual Training on Batting Abilities Using the 'Eyerobics' Training Program"

Spring 1994

  • Joanna Bay: “The Effects of Dehydration on Bioelectrical Impedance Determination of Body Composition”
  • Keith Burgess: “The Effects of Caffeine on Incremental Exercise Performance”
  • Scott Beebe: “Behavioral Weight Reduction Model: A Case Study with Brian”
  • Kirk Abraham: “Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on 200m Swim Time”
  • Carrie McKenzie: "A Comparison of a Traditional Supine Curl-up Exercise and the Standing Abdominal Exercise for Increasing Static Dynamic Trunk Flexor Strength"
  • Gail Lowther: “The Exercising Environment’s Effect on Self-Efficacy in Senior Exercisers”
  • Kristin Watson: “Overtraining in College Varsity Swimmers”

Fall 1993

  • Julie Schmucker: “The Effect of Exercise Intensity on Total Blood Cholesterol Levels in Moderately Trained Females”
  • Jon Batacan: “The Effect of Arms in One-legged and Two-legged Countermovement Jumps with a Two-Step Approach”
  • Elisabeth Kreager: “Upper Extremity Flexibility and Injury Prevention in Musicians”
  • Mike Bahn: “A Biomechanical Analysis of Hockey Players in a Skating Sprint”

Spring 1993

  • Betsy Baker: “Comparison of Physiological and Perceptual Responses to Exercise on the Monark Cycle Ergometer and the Cateye Cyclosimulator"
  • Dyan Snyder: “The Effects of Exercise and Calorie Intake on Resting Metabolic Rates”
  • Suzanne Barnes: “The Effect of the Competitive Season on Body Composition and Nutritional Habits of Female Athletes"
  • G.T. RudyL “The Effect of Exercise on Forced Vital Capacity.”
  • Deborah Chaplin: “Differences in Self-Esteem Between Physically Active and Inactive Elderly Adults”
  • Krista West: “Isokinetic Strength: Visual Feedback at a Slow Speed with Gravity Correction”

Fall 1992

  • Kirby Houghton: “The Effects of Non-thermal Ultrasound on Induced Muscle Soreness”
  • Mark Malnar: “The Effects of Running Activities on Batting Performance”
  • Mike Mitchell: “The Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on 4000 Meter Cycle Performance Time”
  • Brian Murphy: “Bicycling Endurance Performance Following Carbohydrate Ingestion Late in Exercise”
  • Todd Sams: “The Influence of Body Fat Percentage on the Responsiveness to Electrical Stimulation”

Spring 1992

  • Jennifer Miller: “Lactic Acid Profiles During the Taper Period in Intercollegiate Male Swimmer”
  • Karol Dobler: “A Comparison of Five Warm-up Techniques and Their Effect on Hamstring Flexibility”
  • Robert Gagnon: “The Effects of Intermittent Sequential Compression on Edema in Postacute Ankle Sprains”
  • John C. Harper: “A Comparison of Body Composition Techniques”
  • Melissa Loun: “A Comparative Biomechanical Analysis of the Backcrawl Stroke”

Fall 1991

  • Barry, Molly “Nutritional Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of College Students”
  • Heather Hayes: “Individual Circadian Rhythms and Peak Performance Times”
  • Heidi Hibbard: “Biomechanical Analysis of Two Stairstepping Techniques”
  • Cathy Sayle: “The Role of Sensory Feedback in Motor Learning”
  • Jon Stegie: “The Ability of Bioelectrical Impedence to Detect Changes in Human Body Composition”
  • Linnea Welch: “Socioeconomic Factors Effecting Percentage of Calorie from Fats in Children’s Diets”

Spring 1991

  • Karen Kelly: “A Biomechanical Analysis of Overground vs Treadmill Running”
  • Janell Robertson: “The Effects of Arm Work and Arm Work with Weights on the Exercise Response during a Bench Stepping Routine”
  • Tina Aadland: “A Comparison of MET Level Increases Determined by Exercise Training Heart Rates vs. Submaximal Treadmill Tests in Cardiac Patients”
  • Martina Walters: “The Effects of Aerobic Training on the Enhancement of Dietary Induced Thermogensis”

Fall 1990

  • Steve Robbins: “Optimal Recovery Time Following Plyometric Training”
  • Zachary Schade: “Role of Proprioceptive Exercises on the Recovery Time of Second Degree Ankle Sprains”

Spring 1990

  • Sonia Heiberg: “Effects of Pedal Frequency on VO2 Max and RPE in Trained and Untrained Cyclists”
  • Tresa McIlnay: “Comparison Study of Athletic Injuries in Secondary Schools With and Without Athletic Health Care”
  • Nicole O’Hair: “Spinal Deviation and Low Back Pain”
  • Amy O’Herin: “Effects of Hydration Levels on Maximal Anaerobic Explosive Power Output”
  • Phillip Sanchez: “Effects of Caffeine on Resting Metabolic Rate Parameters as Indicated by Respiratory Quotient Values”
  • Stephanie Somes: “Anaerobic Power Test as a Predictor of Performance”
  • Julie Pyatt: “Electromyographical Comparison of Activity in the Rectus Abdominis between Two Variations of the Full Bent Knee Sit-up:Feet Anchored & Feet Free”

Fall 1989

  • Christopher Ford: “An Electromyographic Analysis of the Gastrocnemius Muscle During Straight Leg Toe Raises and Leg Curls”
  • Christina Gayer: “The Effects of Hydration Levels on Rowing Ergo meter Performance in Lightweight Rowers”
  • John Lorang: “Evaluation of Anaerobic Performance Based on ‘Total Work’, A Measurement of Strength and Endurance”
  • Heidi Wendel: “The Effects of Calcium Intake and Menstrual Dysfunction on the Occurrence of Stress Fractures in Female Distance Runners”

Summer 1989

  • Ray Henninger: “Maximum Oxygen Uptake in Leg and Combined Arm-Leg Exercise”

Spring 1989

  • Jill Brambrink: “Physiological Variables Predictive of Performance”
  • Chris Fehr: “The Role of Exercise Compliance in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients”
  • Cher Rehberger: "Metabolic Efficiency in College Male Long-Distance Runners and Controls"
  • Sheri Yamada: “Using Plyometric Exercises to Improve Aerobic Capacity and Explosive Power”
  • Angela Wilcox: “The Agony of De-Fat: The Prevalence of Bulimia Among Female College Athletes”
  • Allison Dean: “Investigating Strength and Competitive Performance in Alpine Ski Racing”

Fall 1988

  • Leann Amstutz: “Eccentric Exercise & Satellite Cell Activity”
  • Tracy Hartley: “The Influence of a Preventive Educational Program on Knee Flexion During Lifting in Beverage Distribution Workers”

Spring 1988

  • Deborah Goguen: “Drug Use in High School Athletics”

Spring 1987

  • Jeff Carlson: “Heart Rate vs. Blood Lactate Analysis in Swim Training”

Spring 1986

  • Jeannette Olsen: “The Effects of Exercise on Cardiac Patients: Predicted by Flexibility, Body Composition, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure”