• Queer, trans, and feminist histories and theories
  • Gender and sexuality as categories of analysis and critique
  • Intersectional and transnational approaches to understanding interlocking structures of power and inequality


  • Medical case manager
  • Deputy city attorney
  • Psychotherapist
  • Communications manager
  • Professor
  • Software engineer
  • Digital and social media marketer
  • Queer programming director


What does it mean to “queer” a topic? Why should you ask about people’s pronouns? How might masculinity studies help explain school shootings? How can we bring gender, feminist, and queer studies into our everyday lives, including activism and movements for social change.

Puget Sound’s Gender and Queer Studies (GQS) Program explores interdisciplinary ideas and theories that are applicable across the university, from biology, psychology, and education to sociology, anthropology, and English. We study topics like masculinity, the history of feminisms, the pay gap, sexual violence, body image, asexuality, activism, and intersex and transgender issues. GQS classes build strong analytical, writing, and communication skills—all highly relevant to careers and engaged citizenship.


Sara Adkins '11
Sara Atkins ’11

“I use the knowledge I gained in GQS every single day to talk about issues of power and privilege in health care, to assist transgender or gender nonconforming clients in finding resources and care, to understand the impacts of trauma.”