This major is designed to serve the needs of students who desire a broad background in the natural sciences. It may serve students who plan to teach (see the School of Education section of the Bulletin). It is a useful major for students considering post-graduate studies in health professions. Other students who wish a broad, interdisciplinary approach will want to look closely at the benefits offered by this major. In addition to meeting requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, it provides for moderately in-depth study in one field of science as well as a background in other areas of mathematics and the natural sciences. Natural Science majors are not eligible for a double major in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, or Physics, nor for a double major in Natural Science.

Students interested in pursuing a major in Natural Science should consult with one of the coordinators below.

The coordinators of the program reserve the right to require a student earning a Natural Science major to comply with the time limit rules required by the department of the Natural Science emphasis.