Each year, the Department of French Studies recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of its best students. The awards below may be conferred in any given year. Because we are fortunate to have a number of generous sponsors who believe in the strength of our program and our students, some awards come with a significant financial prize. All awards, regardless of their nature, are to give valued recognition of individual success in the French Studies program at Puget Sound.

There will be one recipient of Departmental Honors in French Studies for each ten graduating majors.
Eligibility: Minimum GPA: 3.50 cumulative, and 3.50 GPA in major.
Other Criteria: Senior paper, departmental service, such as faculty search committee, participation in
departmental activities, conversation hours, film series, etc.

The Michel Rocchi Award: With this award colleagues in the department seek to honor the service of Michel Rocchi, Professor of French at Puget Sound from 1973-2017. Professor Rocchi's dedication and contribution continue to inspire the department. The prize recognizes the excellent achievements of students who exemplify his commitment to French language and literature.

The Marcelle Martin Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one or more graduating or continuing students, majoring in any of the French Studies who have studied music, art or theatre in a substantive way. Recipients must demonstrate excellence in their fields and have a high degree of fluency in French.

The Justin Martin Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one or more graduating or continuing students, majoring in French Language & International Affairs (FLIA), who have a high degree of fluency in both oral and written French.

The Jacquie Martin Award honors Professor emerita Jacquie Martin and is awarded for excellence in French literary studies to majors or minors who have taken French literature courses, with preference given to students who have augmented their studies in French literature by a comparative approach to other national literatures.

The Myra Dupertuis Prize is awarded to an outstanding graduating student of French who has not formally studied in France.

The Esperanza Gurza ’61 Memorial Scholarship is awarded to outstanding students who are majoring in French, who are also enrolled in Spanish courses, and have completed at least one (1) literature course in both languages. (Applied to student’s account on financial need basis)

Outstanding Minor in French is awarded to a graduating senior who excelled in French Studies.

Incentive Awards: Book awards with certificates of merit to all recipients:

Outstanding students in will be recognized for excellence in all levels of French courses: Language, post-Intermediate, and upper-division courses.

Special Recognition: Department faculty may nominate students, who have accomplished outstanding service to the department meriting recognition, or deserving special mention.

The French National Honor Society: University of Puget Sound Chapter; Omicron Rho #376.
The faculty in French Studies will select nominees every year according to the chapter criteria below, and the National Honor Society procedures. The faculty will select a slate of candidates who will be invited to apply for the honor society. Students are nominated in recognition of their academic achievement in French. Those nominated in the various categories of membership must complete the department application form provided at nomination, and pay the applicable dues. The induction ceremony will take place yearly at the end of the academic year, and nominated students will receive application details in the letter of invitation.

a) Regular Membership: Students must:

  • Be declared French Studies majors or minors.
  • Have junior standing or above.
  • Have completed a minimum of 5 courses in French, two of which are on the 300 or 400 level.
  • Have earned a 3.50 GPA in French, 3.50 GPA overall, AND rank in the top 35% of their class.

b) Honorary Membership includes:

The French faculty of the sponsoring institution; members of the faculty at large; students who do not meet the requirements for regular membership; college or university alumni who did not become members while attending the sponsoring institution; and diplomats, community and business leaders, and others who have demonstrated support of French language, and/or of the cultures and literatures of the French-speaking world.


$40.00 Premium Lifetime Regular Membership (includes certificate, pin, and one set of cords)

$30.00 Regular Lifetime Membership (includes certificate, pin, no cords)

$25.00 Premium Lifetime Honorary Membership (includes certificate, pin, and one set of cords)

$15.00 Honorary Lifetime Membership (includes certificate, pin, no cords)