The Department of Art and Art History offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees: studio art and art history. The two majors are distinct, but students in each area must take supporting courses in the other to ensure breadth and depth in their knowledge of art. Students may major in studio art and art history, minor in studio art and art history, or major in studio art or art history and minor in the other.

The specific education of artists and art historians, which includes technical skills, visual analysis, and research methodologies, is taught within our liberal arts institution. The department values providing a strong liberal arts education, and writing and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all art courses. Department of Art and Art History courses serve majors and students who are enrolled in the Artistic Approaches core. Careful attention is given to meet the needs of students from diverse majors and programs. The Department of Art and Art History occupies three buildings, with Kittredge Hall and its gallery as the nucleus. Approximately seven exhibitions are held each academic year in Kittredge Gallery, including a juried student show and the senior studio art thesis show in the spring semester.