Students explore life, death, sex, justice, ecology, God, money, bioethics, meditation, AIDS, politics, genetic engineering, love, war, yoga, sinners, saints, and science in Religion courses.

You will read, write, and debate about these topics—an endeavor that will place you smack in the middle of liberal arts education. And if you go on and major in Religion, your studies will prepare you for most careers: law, medicine, education, business, and social work, to list a few. As a professor in another Puget Sound department wrote, “The best preparation for a career in medicine might be a major in Religion. Religion would lead a pre-med student to face truth and doubt and assure complexity of thought, and this would, in my judgment, inform a more insightful delivery of the science of human health.”

In fact, Religion might be the most interdisciplinary of all studies. Why? Because studying religions brings you into contact with history, literature, archaeology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, politics, science, and economics.

But whatever your interests, check out our course offerings in Religion, or head on over to the first floor of Wyatt to talk with Religion faculty—we’re not into saving souls, but we do ask the big questions.