Might a deeper understanding of consciousness, fueled by enhanced creativity, provide greater purpose and meaning to our lives?

We are excited to offer this groundbreaking course of study and look forward to exploring its ideas with you during your college journey. The Coolidge Otis Chapman Honors Program at Puget Sound is a vibrant intellectual community that builds academic and personal relationships through collaborative learning, great conversations, exciting events, and social activities. 

We are seeking motivated students with a wide range of passions who are eager to ask big questions about the human experience: 

  • What does it mean to be human?
  • How do we know what we know?
  • In the face of the existential crises facing us, where might we look to create meaning?

CCM Components

  • A one-year residential requirement with additional opportunities to live in our Honors communities.
  • A dynamic interdisciplinary minor in Consciousness, Creativity & Meaning, which is compatible with and complements any major or course of study.
  • An individual thesis completed in conjunction with your academic major.


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Emma Elder ’18

"The Honors Program at Puget Sound allows students an extra level of challenge and engagement in their education. They will be part of a cohort of students who are passionate about learning, and will be provided with fun extracurricular opportunities for learning outside of the classroom."