The digital media program fosters creative practice and critical discourse at the intersection of art and technology. Students engage with state-of-the-art tools to explore a wide array of digital art practices. Through these explorations, students investigate aesthetics and theory unique to digital media and engage in discourse on the cultural, political, and philosophical implications of a world mediated by technology.

Students develop a well-rounded foundation in the principles of digital media that support continued exploration in the evolving field of digital art and design. The digital media program is intentionally interdisciplinary–students are encouraged to explore connections between digital media and other areas of study and creative practice.

Foundational courses in digital media provide experience creating art in key topic areas such as digital image processing, graphic design, typography, data visualization, 2D/3D animation, interaction design, and creative coding. Intermediate courses offer an opportunity for students to explore more advanced topics in digital media, such as generative art, physical computing, digital fabrication, installation art, and immersive environments.