GQS 201A: Introduction to Gender, Queer & Feminist Studies: Timelines of the GQS Program
    This course is as an introduction to Gender, Queer and Feminist Studies. It surveys the history of feminism, and then explores the rise and trajectories of gender studies and queer studies. The course engages with the ways in which gender, sexuality, race, class, ability/disability, and other facets of identity intersect with each other. Students will consider the implications of activism as well as the academic development of these disciplines, and they will engage with the ways that the readings touch upon their own lives.
    REL 307: Prisons, Gender and Education
    What is the relationship between the university and the prison? How does college in prison raise questions of authority, power, and privilege? Students participate in an experiential learning class that combines academic content and weekly participation in a college program at the Washington Center for Women. Students spend 3 hours per week in study halls as part of the Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS), a signature initiative of the University of Puget Sound and a non-profit that offers a rigorous college program leading to an Associate of Arts and Science degree for 148 incarcerated women. Weekly class time includes discussion and analysis of topics such as prison pedagogy, the ethical and political dimensions of higher education in prison, the racialized dimensions of mass incarceration, gender, sexuality in the prison, and the history and theory of punishment in the United States.
    Summer Research Grants