We've got a new name!

The University of Puget Sound recently made the decision to remove the name James R. Slater from the museum and return it to its original name, Puget Sound Museum of Natural History. This name change will take time as we create new campus/museum signage and work to edit our website and online presence, but the name change takes effect immediately. To learn more about the name change and Slater's problematic history, you can read the university's official statement and check out the History of Eugenics at Puget Sound and Beyond website.  (17 May 2023)


Where dead things come alive!

The Puget Sound Museum of Natural History is one of the Pacific Northwest’s significant natural history collections, with over 100,000 bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, plant, insect, and geological specimens. Located on the University of Puget Sound campus, the Puget Sound Museum focuses on research & education as well as engaging the community and university students with museum collections.