• An appreciation for biological complexity and the natural world, with exposure to both the foundations of biological thought and emerging fields of study
  • How to think critically about science and interpret scientific literature
  • How to use a wide range of biological techniques and instrumentation
  • How to conduct biological research, including idea conceptualization, experimental design, research ethics, data collection, statistical analyses, and written and oral communication of your findings
  • How to relate your science to contemporary issues and problems in society


  • Research scientist
  • Medical professional (doctor, dentist, veterinarian, genetic counselor, public health toxicologist, etc.)
  • University professor
  • K-12 Teacher
  • Conservation projects coordinator
  • Education and outreach coordinator
  • Public health toxicologist
  • Naturalist


The biology department offers two stand-alone majors: an integrative Biology major, and an interdisciplinary Molecular and Cellular Biology major. The department offers a breadth of courses in modern biology, emphasizing the unity and diversity of life, foundational principles, and cutting-edge concepts and technologies. Our faculty members are active research scholars and we love working side-by-side with students on these efforts. Our undergraduates conduct hands-on research, both in faculty-taught class labs and in faculty members’ own research labs. Many students engage in collaborative research with faculty members in areas such as cell and molecular biology, microbiology, ecology, behavior, physiology, conservation biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and marine biology. All students gain proficiency in a wide range of techniques and instrumentation, learn quantitative and statistical analyses, become close readers and critical thinkers, develop oral and written communication skills, and build a personal understanding of the natural world through observation and experimentation in the field and the laboratory.


Theresa Proctor '20
Theresa Proctor ’20

"This department goes above and beyond to provide students with amazing opportunities for learning and personal growth. Conducting research, being an IA, and simply sitting down to discuss life goals with our wonderful faculty and staff are invaluable experiences that will help me through grad school and beyond!"