Summer Research & Residencies

Summer Research Grants in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences: The Summer Research Grants in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences offer our students the opportunity to engage in independent research projects during the summer. These grants are awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate research interest and ability. Students devote full time to the project for at least ten weeks during summer. Many students research on our campus using our library resources or studio spaces, while others travel to locations best suited to their project. Students complete the project with the guidance of a faculty advisor and write a substantial research paper or generate a body of art, and submit a project report by mid-September. Students present their work in an open forum in September, either as an independent public lecture or as a presentation during the Fall Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Symposium. Students publish their work online through Sound Ideas available through our library’s website.

Summer Residency in Germany and Hungary: With the support of an anonymous donor, three studio art graduate spent six weeks in residence at Halle 14 in Leipzig creating work; One art history graduate spent two weeks in Budapest studying the Hungarian museum and gallery world, meeting with curators and examining museum and gallery displays, then joined the other graduates in Leipzig. The four graduates traveled to Berlin to spend a week visiting museums and galleries with the guidance of a German artist. After completion, the art history graduate curated an exhibition of the works the three studio art graduates produced in Leipzig and led a gallery talk in Kittredge Gallery. Offering two different but intertwining tracks for this residency embraced the complexity of the art world where artists, curators, and gallery managers work together in mutually stimulating and supportive ways. This residency offered invaluable assistance in helping our students to transition from the academic environment to the world beyond academia. The following students held this residency: Kris Shuford, Haley Andres, Abbie Baldwin (all in studio art), and Luc Sokolsky (art history); Erin Wheary and Louise Blake were awarded a residency at Halle 14 in 2013.

The following majors in our department have received summer research scholarships in recent years: