To meet the educational needs of students interested in becoming engineers and who also want a significant liberal arts component to their education, the University of Puget Sound has responded with a Dual Degree Engineering Program. The program is administered by the Director of Dual Degree Engineering.

Students in the program spend their first three or four years at Puget Sound taking a course of study prerequisite to engineering. Qualified students may then transfer to one of our affiliated institutions and complete an additional two years of study in professional engineering courses. Transfer to non-affiliated institutions is also possible; however, those institutions treat the incoming student as a transfer student and impose their own additional graduation requirements. Upon successful completion of the required coursework at both institutions, the student receives two bachelor degrees, one from the University of Puget Sound for the core and major covered by our coursework, and the second from the Engineering School in the discipline covered by their coursework. Should the student not transfer at the end of three years, he or she may simply complete the Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in a selected discipline at the University of Puget Sound.

Currently the university has entered into agreements with the engineering schools at Washington University (St. Louis) and Columbia University.

Students should be aware that entrance to an engineering school is on a competitive basis and requires a minimum GPA. Students interested in learning more about the program are invited to contact Professor Rand Worland, the Dual Degree Engineering Director.