• Political, economic, and social factors that shape global problems
  • How to examine global issues through the lens of competing perspectives
  • Expertise and skills relevant to a wide range of careers anywhere in the world


  • Digital Fundraising Manager
  • Import/Export Specialist
  • Strategy Consultant
  • Cultural Exchange Associate
  • Research Program Coordinator
  • Customer Analytics Manager


How are global issues shaped by political, economic and social institutions? How does the relationship between states, markets, and civil society on a global stage affect issues like unemployment, poverty, and the environment? How are power and wealth distributed between and within nations?

The International Political Economy (IPE) major prepares students for an increasingly interdependent world through the study of global issues. Students take courses in IPE, as well as in economics, political science, sociology and anthropology, so they can understand the world from different (and sometimes competing) perspectives. The IPE major culminates in a senior thesis in which students demonstrate the depth and breadth of the liberal arts education to tackle a complex question. Many IPE alumni work in careers related to the interests they developed as IPE students.


Becca Duncan '17
Becca Duncan '17

"IPE prepared me for the future by teaching me to think holistically. Since IPE is such an interdisciplinary major, I feel prepared to address issues at work with a multifaceted approach, and to think critically from a variety of perspectives."