About the Program


The Interdisciplinary Humanities Emphasis (IHE) offers designated pathways that encourage students to consider topics of enduring importance from a variety of humanistic perspectives. The emphasis can complement a student's major in any field of study. Each of the pathways described below includes multiple courses through which students can complete a number of their university core and graduation requirements (Artistic Approaches, Humanistic Approaches, Connections, the Knowledge, Identity, and Power Graduation Requirement, and upper division electives). A student who satisfies the requirements within a single pathway is eligible to receive the Interdisciplinary Humanities Emphasis designation on their transcript. This notation signals that the student has, through significant thematic, interdisciplinary study, mastered the skills of critical and creative thinking and of clear and effective writing fostered by the humanities disciplines. These skills form the basis for engaged citizenship and professional success in virtually any career.

The program also offers interdisciplinary courses that explore a focused topic.

Students who declared the Humanities Minor prior to Spring 2018 may consult the relevant Degree Requirements.

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