Writing Excellence Award 2019

  • Kylie Gurewitz (Arts & Humanities)-Class of 2020 (Religious Studies(BA); English(MN) "Solitary Confinement and Intersubjectivity: Social Liminality in Prison" Download Kylie's Submission (DOC)
  • Emma Harrington (Social Science)-Class of 2020 (Communication Studies (BA); Pol & Govt (U.S.) (BA)) "Do the Affordances of Social Media Platforms Make Them a Tool to Increase the Representation for Female Politicians in Congress?" Download Emma's submission (DOC)


Writing Excellence Award 2018

  • Anneke Taylor (First Year Seminar Award) - Class of 2022 (Science,Tech, & Soc (BA); Economics (MN)): “Frankenstein and the Meaning of Humanity” Download Anneke's submission (DOC) Seminar in Scholarly Inquiry 195: Scientific and Romantic Revolutions
  • Nick Thompsen (Social Science Award) - Class of 2022 (Intl Political Econ (BA); Economics (BS); Global Development Studies (MN); Spanish (MN)): "Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes: A Journey through the Global Economy on Two Wheels" Download Nick's submission (PDF)


Writing Excellence Award 2017

  • Megan Reich (Arts & Humanities Award) - Class of 2017 (Performance (Orch) (BM); Biology (BS)) "Subtle Irony in Personal Growth: Beethoven and Prokofiev's "Classical" Symphonies" Download Megan's submission (PDF)
  • Carlisle Huntington (Arts and Humanities Award) - Class of 2020 (English (Cr. Writing Focus); French (MN)
  • Lillian Bengtson (Social Sciences Award) - Class of 2018 (Psychology (BA); Spanish (MN)) "It's Complicated: A Literature Review of Happiness and the Big Five” Download Lillian's submission (PDF)
  • Kara Ann Lamar (Social Science Award) - Class of 2019 (Classics (Language) (BA); Computer Sci (Contract) (BS); Mathematics (MN) "Outrageous and Unacceptable: Combating Information Access Inequality with Open Access"


Writing Excellence Award 2016

  • Matthew Byrne (Social Science Award) - Class of 2017 (Biology (BS); Spanish Culture and Lit (BA)): "Exploring the Ostensibly Subversive Nature of the Effeminate Gay Male" Download Matthew's submission (PDF)