The Department of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies strongly encourages its students to take advantage of opportunities to study the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean on site. Standing on the rostrum in the Roman Forum where Cicero delivered his speeches or helping to excavate a Greek house give you a perspective on the past unavailable in the bounds of our classrooms.

Puget Sound is affiliated with one program for which students automatically receive credit towards the Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies major or minor, the Archaeology Abroad program. Students in this summer program take an active role in an archaeological excavation at an ancient Mediterranean site.

The programs listed below are approved for Puget Sound students; credit will automatically transfer, but students should discuss beforehand with Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies faculty how their coursework on these programs will be applied to their major or minor requirements.

  • Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome
    An excellent one-semester program in Rome designed specifically for Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies students, ICCS provides undergraduate students with an opportunity in Rome to study ancient history and archaeology, Greek and Latin literature, and ancient art. The program includes trips to Sicily and Campania.
  • College Year in Athens
    Offers a curriculum taking advantage of the resources of Athens and of Greece at large, and invites students to expand their knowledge and understanding of Greece's fundamental contribution to the development of Western civilization and of the world of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The courses cover ancient times to the present, in the areas of Ancient Greek Civilization and East Mediterranean Area Studies, and represent the disciplines of Archaeology, Art History, Classical Languages, Cultural Anthropology, Greek Literature in Translation, History, Modern Greek Language, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies.
  • Arcadia University Greece Program
    Offers courses in classical, Byzantine, and modern Greek studies. Students can explore the legacies of ancient Greece, delve into its Byzantine and religious traditions, and learn about its current political and literary movements while acquiring or improving modern Greek language skills.

For more information on studying abroad as a Puget Sound student, contact the Office of International Programs.