What is art? What is its purpose? How does art contribute to our culture? How does it provide insight into being human? What role does art play in constructing meaning? How does "thinking with your hands" expand ways of knowing? How does studying the development of art and creative expression through the ages help you understand our world and the human condition?

The Department of Art and Art History offers multifaceted frameworks for the consideration and creation of visual expressions of power, cosmologies, identity, yearning, love, loss, hope, terror, tradition, and resistance. Studio art students specialize in painting, printmaking, sculpture, or ceramics, learning a wide range of techniques and processes in specialized studio spaces. Art history students study diverse artistic traditions and develop strong analytical, research, presentation, and writing skills.

Studio Art     Art History



  • Artist/Art historian
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Museum curator/Educator
  • Gallery manager
  • Architect/Landscape artist
  • Graphic designer
Andrew Griebeler '09
Andrew Griebeler ’09

"Studying art history at Puget Sound provided me with the tools required to succeed in my graduate program and in my research: a critical eye and an attention to detail, skills in written and oral communication, and an ability to evaluate and combine different kinds of evidence."