Greta Austin
Professor and Chair, Religion, Spirituality, and Society
Terence Beck
Professor, MAT Teaching Program & Education Studies Minor, School of Education
Gwynne Brown
Professor, Music and Director of Interdisciplinary Humanities Emphasis
Monica DeHart
Professor and Chair, Sociology and Anthropology and Director, Global-Development Studies
Regina Duthely Barbee
Assistant Professor, English and Co-director, Gender and Queer Studies
Tanya Erzen
Visiting Associate Professor, Religion, Spirituality, and Society
Sara Freeman
Professor, Theatre Arts
Faculty default
Associate Professor, History
Suzanne Holland
Professor, Religion, Spirituality, and Society, John B. Magee Professor of Science and Values, and Director, Bioethics
Jairo Hoyos Galvis
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies and Director, Latina/o Studies
Priti Joshi
Professor, English and Susan Resneck Pierce Professor of Humanities and Honors
Alisa Kessel
Professor, Politics and Government
Sam Kigar
Assistant Professor, Religion, Spirituality, and Society
Laura Krughoff
Associate Professor, English, and Director, Gender and Queer Studies
Ha Jung Lee
Assistant Professor, Religion, Spirituality, and Society and Bioethics
Sam Liao
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Brett Rogers
Professor, Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Melvin Rouse
Associate Professor, Psychology
Associate Professor Renee Simms
Associate Professor, African American Studies
Katherine Smith
Professor, History
Stuart Smithers
Professor, Religion, Spirituality, and Society
Rokiatou Soumare
Assistant Professor and Interim Chair, French Studies
Professor, English
Jennifer Utrata
Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Stacey Weiss
Professor and Chair, Biology and William L. McCormick Professor of Natural Sciences
Heather White
Visiting Assistant Professor, Gender & Queer Studies