• To be collaborative, informed, imaginative
  • To make, understand, and evaluate theatre events
  • To speak and write persuasively and honestly
  • To manage long-term projects and bring them to fruition
  • To create and execute public events


  • Actor
  • Playwright
  • Event Planner
  • Producer/Project Manager
  • Stage Manager, Stage Technician
  • Artistic Director, Managing Director





Courses and activities offered in Theatre Arts are designed to unlock the artistic potential of students, enabling them to become imaginative, informed, engaged, and collaborative theater- makers, educators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Through participation in student- and faculty-directed productions, students ground their study in experiential learning through rehearsal and performance. The intimate Norton Clapp Theatre, located in Jones Hall, serves as the performance center for the department.

Students of any major may pursue all aspects of theatre-making at Puget Sound, from lighting and sound design to acting, directing, dramaturgy, and front-of-house management. The department offers a major and minor as well as numerous performance opportunities throughout the academic year.



Andrew Russell, Former Artistic Director, Intiman Theatre, Seattle
Andrew Russell, Former Artistic Director, Intiman Theater, Seattle

"Hands down, University of Puget Sound Theatre Arts students have a reputation of being unafraid of taking risks, willing to make bold and daring choices, and carrying themselves with a sense of, 'we can do this, even if it seems crazy.'"