• To read perceptively and critically
  • To write with clarity and sophistication
  • To speak persuasively and from a position of knowledge


  • Editor, publisher
  • Communications director
  • Digital marketing strategist
  • Radio producer, digital producer
  • Associate professor, teacher
  • Research analyst, chief strategist


Why study English? There’s never been a better time to study English, especially here at Puget Sound. Our department brings together the traditional values of the liberal arts education with some of the most exciting new developments in literary, cultural, and new media studies. Course offerings provide you the opportunity to become an informed and innovative reader of a variety of print, visual, and digital texts—from Chaucerian poetry to graphic novels, from Shakespearean drama to Bollywood film, from the autobiography of Black Hawk to social media.

Workshops in creative writing allow you to hone your craft in a variety of genres, while courses in rhetoric, language, and literacy studies ask you to consider the history and workings of nonliterary texts, or to explore the politics inherent to language usage and different forms of literacy—past, present, and future. We emphasize the interconnectedness of English studies, not only by incorporating craft and analysis into many of our courses but also attending to the ways our discipline influences and is influenced by an array of fields.


Matt Folensbee '16
Matt Folensbee ’16

"Studying English made me a more persuasive writer, critical reader, and creative thinker; along with that, engaging with the lived experience of diverse writers gave me two of the most transportable skills a person can have: self-awareness and an ability to empathize with others."