Learn how to think, not what to think.

Our action-oriented liberal arts education is designed to help you make connections between disciplines, discover new knowledge, and apply it in the real world. Explore where your curiosity takes you, try new experiences, and apply what you learn to solve challenges that are important to you.

Over the course of a four-year program of study, you will work with your faculty advisor to:

  • Delve deeply into a major in one (or more) of 44 academic departments led by leading scholars and award-winning researchers
  • Complete a core curriculum that requires learning across the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities
  • Take first-year seminars on topics as wide-ranging as the anthropology of food and eating, artificial intelligence, global bioethics, fake news and conspiracy theories, the boundaries of religion and politics, and more.
  • Engage off campus in at least one internship, study abroad, independent research or community-based learning experience
  • Learn about issues of power, disparity, and diversity of experiences and identities through a Knowledge, Identity and Power graduation requirement
  • Live, work and learn together on a beautiful, historic campus in a small city in the dynamic Northwest―a region driven by technology entrepreneurs, global trade, creative energy, and a love of the outdoors.