Studio Art major
Recipient of the 2015 AHSS Summer Research Award
Faculty advisor: Elise Richman


Project Title: “Landscape Painting: A Comprehensive Study of En Plein Air and Studio Painting” (2015)

Project Abstract: Landscape painting reflects humankind’s perception of the world around it. During the 18th century, most landscapes were idealized scenes that enforced mankind’s control over nature. It was not until the end of the 19th century that artists began painting landscapes more subjectively. Through summer research, I was given the opportunity to further explore my own perception of landscape, while comparing the two methods of en Plein air (“in the open air”) and studio painting.

What has Carly done after completing the summer research project?

  • After earning a B.A. in Studio Art in May 2016, Carly held a Summer Residency for Studio Art Graduates for Summer 2016 at the University of Puget Sound. The residency fostered opportunities for recent Studio Art graduates from Puget Sound to seamlessly continue their studio practice and create fully developed portfolios of artwork to position them to apply successfully to graduate schools or take the next step toward careers in art. An anonymous donor supports the residency.
  • Carly has worked as an art instructor at a studio in Hermosa Beach, California, for the past two years.