A student who wishes to petition a department policy may do so by writing a letter that provides a rationale and, if applicable, supporting evidence which justifies waiving the policy in his or her particular situation. Before doing so, the Department advises that the student meet with their Faculty Advisor and/or Department Chair to better understand the basis of the policy and learn what types of concerns or questions faculty will want to see addressed in the student’s petition.

The student should then submit the letter and any accompanying materials to the Department Chair. If relevant, the Chair will consult with faculty who have additional information about the student’s situation. The Chair will circulate the petition to department faculty, who will then discuss the merits of the petition (either via email or in-person as needed). Using a simple majority standard, the faculty will then vote whether or not to grant the student’s request. The Chair will communicate the decision to the student in writing and be in contact, if needed, with the Registrar to confirm any changes that need to be made to the student’s official degree progress records.

Psychology Department Chair: Erin Colbert-White