Active and engaged learning experiences take place inside and outside the classroom throughout your four-year experience. Contact your advisor for more information on these and other opportunities.

Prepare as a Professional

  • Internships
    Learn about opportunities at professional theaters in the Puget Sound area and nationwide.
  • Performance Opportunities
    All students, regardless of major, are welcome to audition for faculty-directed mainstage productions. Audition announcements are made on the Theatre Arts Department's Homepage, and through the department's email listserve. Sign up for the listserve by emailing the office coordinator at
  • Training
    Students have the opportunity to get hands on training experience in lighting, set building, and costume construction.
  • Shadowing opportunities
    Students can apply for departmental scholarships that allow them to work closely with with professors and guest artists as designers, dramaturgs, assistant directors, stage crew, and classroom pedagogs. There are also occasional opportunities to shadowing with local theatre companies such as Art Barn. Speak with department faculty for details.
  • Student Groups
    The Barebones Collective and Ubiquitous They Improv & Sketch Comedy are student-run organizations that offer additional opportunities for students to write, direct, and perform.
  • Professional Resources

Experience the World

Engage Your Community

  • Guest Artists
    We host a variety of guest artists throughout the year. Learn about opportunities to attend presentations and performances.
  • Audition
    Students can audition for off-campus productions in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Theatre Puget Sound provides stage and film audition listings for community and professional productions, which are made available to anyone who joins. Individual membership fees start at $55 annually.
  • Attend performances, events, exhibitions
    Students have access to a wide array of professional and community productions in both Tacoma and Seattle. In addition to attending performances as part of course study, students can utilize several resources to seek out performances, events, and exhibitions to attend. The News Tribune Go section, The Weekly Volcano, The Stranger, Seattle Theatre Guide, and are just a few sites that provide event and performance listings. Click here for a list of theatre in our area that offer discounted tickets for university students.

Conduct Research

  • Summer research opportunities
    Students can partner with faculty members to conduct research during the summer term. Contact your faculty adviser for details or apply for a summer research grant.
  • Independent study/directed research/senior thesis coursework
    Students can conduct independent studies or engage in direct research to pursue topics that may not otherwise be available through our traditional course offerings. Talk with faculty members or apply for departmental scholarships to further explore these opportunities.