Education Studies

About the Program

Education Studies is an interdisciplinary program, and its significance today stems from the centrality of education in American problem-solving and the growing attention paid to public education in our society. US student performance, particularly when it is present in an international context, results in a type of rhetoric that is relentless and often highly critical. For this reason alone, it needs serious examination. Students in the program consider both educational policy and practice. They acquire a basic framework for thinking about contemporary educational policies and a basic understanding of what excellent practice looks like in diverse classrooms. The program recognizes that there are various entry points or connections between the study of education and other disciplines such as psychology, sociology and anthropology, and African American studies. Students can draw on their interests in child development, familial and social institutions that affect a student's educational experience, and the role race and politics plays in framing our understanding of education today. Students must apply and complete an interview in order to enroll in the minor. Interviews can be scheduled by contacting the School of Education.