Many courses and programs offered within the Environmental Policy & Decision Making department and through other departments provide students with experiential learning opportunities.

Sample Academic Courses satisfying the EPDM Experiential Learning requirement

* Opportunities to satisfy the EPDM Experiential Learning requirement are not limited to those listed below. To inquire if other courses or programs may satisfy this requirement, please contact the EPDM department.

  • ENVR 204: Learning in Nearby Nature
  • ENVR 320: Ecotourism as a Tool for Conservation & Sustainable Development in Sikkim, India
  • ENVR 342: Field School in Conservation & Development
  • ENVR 350: Puget Sound Environmental Issues Part I: Politics & Public Participation
  • ENVR 351: Puget Sound Environmental Issues Part II: Laws & Land Use Designations
  • ENVR 352: Sustainability in Everyday Life
  • ENVR 353: Environmental Careers and Callings
  • ENVR 354: Contemplative Environments
  • ENVR 355: Sacred Ecology
  • ENVR 356: Garden Practices
  • ENVR 357: Environmental Challenge
  • Sample Field Programs (travel or extensive field courses
  • Food Systems Northwest (ENVR/PG 360)
  • Summer Research Experience (see Student Research for examples)