Director's Lab

A festival of scenes selected from Full-Length Plays and directed by Students of Theatre 313: Directing Class.  FREE Admission!

Performances: TBA

Mon/Tues/Wed - Dec 5, 6, 7 - 7:30pm

Norton Clapp Theatre



Spring 2023 Production

Game of Love and Chance 

by Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux

Directed by Jess K Smith

The Game of Love and Chance is a frothy French romantic comedy by Marivaux. The play centers around Sylvia, a discerning woman skeptical of marriage and even more skeptical of men, who concocts a plan with her hilarious and delightfully raunchy lady’s maid, Lisette, to swap identities in order to observe her betrothed unedited. Unbeknownst to both, Sylvia’s promised fiancé, Dorante, has conspired with his valet, Harlequin, to swap places as well. Classic commedia hijinks ensues and love wins the day! The production marries classical text with modern pop aesthetics to create a delightful farce.


Feb 24, 25 - 7:30pm; Mar 2, 3, 4 - 7:30pm;  Mar 4 - 2pm

Norton Clapp Theatre


Senior Theatre Festival:

Excerpts from plays selected, directed and performed by students


Show A:  April 7, 8 - 7:30pm; April 8 - 2pm 
EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl
Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl is a magical, meaningful, and melodic adaptation of the Ancient Greek Myth of Orpheus. It reckons with love, grief, and remembrance. When Eurydice dies on her wedding day, we follow her reunion with her late father in a vibrant underworld. When Eurydice’s husband, Orpheus, journeys down from the living world desperate to find the woman he has loved for centuries  Eurydice is left to make a decision: will she stay in the afterlife with her father, or will she rejoin Orpheus on Earth?  
Show B     April 21, 22 - 7:30pm; April 22 - 2pm - 

CRAVE by Sarah Kane

How do our traumatic experiences afflict the ways we connect to other people? 

Crave by Sarah Kane is a poetic exploration into the intersection of trauma and love. Rather than following named characters or even a linear plot, Crave features four fragmented characters that represent equal parts of a whole human psyche. We watch as the characters hauntingly retell their stories to one another, while also desperately and hopelessly attempting to communicate their love with words we can understand.  This avant-garde piece is thematic of what it means to love after a life of trauma.

Norton Clapp Theatre