About the University of Puget Sound Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate was established in 1965. It consists of an elected chair, who serves a term of two years, and eleven elected members of the faculty, who serve terms of three years. The Academic Dean, the Dean of Students, and two students from ASUPS also serve on the Senate.

The Faculty Bylaws establish that the Faculty Senate, "shall serve as an Executive Committee of the Faculty and shall study, advise, recommend, and initiate programs of action for the good of the University and communicate its findings and proposals to the Faculty, the Administration, the Board of Trustees, and other appropriate bodies." (Art. IV, Sect. 1)

Reflections on the Faculty Senate from Past Senate Chairs

For more information or to recommend an item for the faculty senate's consideration, please contact: Robin Jacobson (Faculty Senate Chair)

To submit an agenda item for a faculty meeting, please contact Robin Jacobson or Amy Fisher (faculty secretary)