The Faculty Bylaws establish that "The Faculty shall be called into session at least once each semester by the Chairperson, or in the Chairperson's absence, the Vice-Chairperson. If the need should arise, the Faculty may be called into session by the Senate or its officers, or by written petition of not less than twenty (20) Faculty members." (Art. III, Sect. 2)

Faculty Meetings Schedule

Faculty meetings are from 12:20-1:50pm via Zoom.


Meeting Date Agenda (when available) Minutes (when available)
September 07, 2022    
October 12, 2022    
November 02, 2022    
December 07, 2022    
February 01, 2023    
March 01, 2023    
April 05, 2023    


To submit an agenda item for a faculty meeting, please contact Amy Fisher (faculty secretary) at or Robin Jacobson (Faculty Senate Chair) at or Nick Kontogeorgopoulos (Interim Provost) at