What You’ll Learn

  • Japanese or Chinese language
  • Literary and cultural works
  • How cultures merge tradition with new challenges


  • Teacher
  • International business professional/consultant
  • Student services coordinator for international travel in Asia


Did you know that Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world? That seven U.S. federal agencies recognize that having Japanese-speaking citizens is important for the future of the country? By studying these languages and cultures, you will learn about their rich histories and about their growing importance in the contemporary world.

The Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) Program has majors and minors in Japanese and Chinese language and culture, and provides four full years of study in both languages. It offers literature and culture courses exploring how China and Japan deal with their traditional cultural legacies while facing new challenges and opportunities in the present. 


Lauren Finnegan '21
Lauren Finnegan ’21

"I'm not only a Japanese major, but I'm an international business major, as well, so learning about the inner workings and values of different cultures is very interesting for both of my interests."