Zaixin Hong

Zaixin Hong

Professor, Art and Art History

Zaixin Hong has published broadly in his two major areas of research: 10th- to 14th-century and 20th-century Chinese art. He is the author of the award-winning textbook A History of Chinese Art (2000, 2012) and the compiler of Essays on the History of Chinese Painting by Overseas Scholars (1950–1987). He was a 2005-2006 fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Hong is working on a new book: Shaking Hands with the Future: Huang Binhong and the Revelation of Chinese Modernism. Hong taught earlier at the China National Academy of the Fine Arts and was senior fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religion at Harvard University. He teaches courses on Asian art and on regional and thematic issues, such as Chinese Painting in the West, Tao and East Asian Landscape Art, Art History Methodologies, Chinese and Japanese Art, Buddhist Art, 20th-Century Chinese Art, and East Asian Calligraphy.

BA Zhejiang University 1982
MA China National Academy of Fine Arts 1984
PhD China National Academy of Fine Arts 1996
Survey of Asian Art ARTH 278-A Fall 2024
Buddhist Art ARTH 370-A Fall 2024
Doodling & Calligraphy CONN 109-A Fall 2024

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