Elise Richman

Professor, Art and Art History

An active working artist, Prof. Richman's current work is inspired by rippling water and focuses on color interaction and context. She teaches 2-D design courses, drawing, and painting.

BFA University of Washington 1995
MFA American University - Washington DC 2001
Visual Concepts ARTS 101-B 2224
Painting ARTS 251-A 2224
Advanced 2D Studio ARTS 492-A 2224
Advanced 3D Studio ARTS 493-A 2224
Vis. Conc. Drawing/Painting ARTS 101-A 2228
Figure Drawing/Painting ARTS 201-A 2228
Intermediate Painting ARTS 350-A 2228
Advanced Painting ARTS 450-A 2228

Contact Information

Kittredge 206
email erichman@pugetsound.edu