Elise Richman

Elise Richman

Professor, Art and Art History

An active working artist, Prof. Richman's current work is inspired by rippling water and focuses on color interaction and context. She teaches 2-D design courses, drawing, and painting.

BFA University of Washington 1995
MFA American University - Washington DC 2001
Vis. Conc. Drawing/Painting ARTS 101-A Spring 2024
Figure Drawing/Painting ARTS 201-A Spring 2024
The Art and Science of Color CONN 375-A Spring 2024
Off Campus Onboarding ENVR 320-A Spring 2024
Vis. Conc. Drawing/Painting ARTS 101-A Fall 2024
Painting ARTS 251-A Fall 2024
Themes, Methods, and Making ARTS 390-A Fall 2024

Contact Information

Kittredge 206