2018-2019 Global Development Studies Senior Thesis Projects

Austin Bosworth The Impacts of Urban-Rural Dynamics on Renewable Energy Development: A Comparative Study of the US, China, and Denmark
Sara Burke Demystifying Poverty and Tourism: Looking into Pro-Poor Tourism in India
Kelsey Craig
Social and Economic Integration of Refugee Populations in Low-Income Countries
Kat Cunningham
Activism as Development: The Socially Transformative Power of Student Feminisms Throughout the Americas during the ‘Long Sixties'
Wildes Ho
Tourism and Poverty Alleviation
Mickey Liebrecht
NGO Efficacy in Tanzania and Zimbabwe
Rachel Moen
Indigenous Peoples Increasing Connection to the Modern World: Challenges and Alliances as a Result of Development
Nicholas Navin Indonesia and English: Understanding Globalization Methods Through the Medium-of-Instruction in Education
Wren Norwood A Human Rights Paradox: Immigration Detention and the Destruction of the Psyche
Jordan O'Hanlon Silver Bullets of Development? Working Towards Poverty Alleviation in Microcredit and Conditional Cash Transfer Programs
Meadow Poplawsky Financial Inclusion: Alleviating Poverty in a Neoliberal World
Anja Stokes Tradeoffs Associated with Tourism as a Rural Development Strategy in Low-Income Countries