2018-2019 Global Development Studies Senior Thesis Projects

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Nicholas Navin '19

Project Title: Indonesia and English: Understanding Globalization Methods Through the Medium-of-Instruction in Education

Summary: For the multilingual societies of the world, the Medium-of-Instruction in education is an issue that must be addressed in order to provide quality education for students. No matter how good the education, it is meaningless if the students themselves are unable to benefit from, and cannot even understand, the material being taught. For highly linguistically diverse countries such as Indonesia, implementing an educational policy that recognizes and addresses the multitude of mother tongues spoken by the students is vital for encouraging continued participation in education and ensuring that the goal of universal quality education is still attainable. Not only is the question of the Medium-of-Instruction important to the students themselves; this is also an issue that needs addressing for the development prospects of many countries. The prominence of English on the global field cannot be understated, and for many countries without a strong English speaking population, raising the overall English proficiency of the country is highly desired.