Austin Bosworth is an International Political Economy major and Economics minor from Portland, Oregon. At Puget Sound, Austin participated in the Orientation Program for incoming students, tutored high school students for the Access Program, and served in the Puget Sound Outdoors Program. At the end of his first year, Austin travelled to northern Thailand as part of a course on the political economy of Southeast Asia, and later studied abroad in Kampala, Uganda, where he interned with a social enterprise called Green Bio Energy. In his junior year, Austin also studied for one semester in Copenhagen, where as part of his DIS Denmark Program, Austin took courses related to sustainable development. This experience informed his senior thesis, The Impacts of Urban-Rural Dynamics on Renewable Energy Development: A Comparative Study of the US, China, and Denmark, which examines the relationship between regional spheres of support for renewable energy development, specifically wind, and its relation to urban metropoles outsourcing the environmental and economic impacts to its rural peripheries.