Bryan Thines

Associate Professor, Biology

Bryan Thines is interested in the systems that regulate cellular change and in understanding plant stress and survival in adverse conditions. He has been focusing on the ubiquitin 26S-proteasome system (UPS), which drastically alters cell physiology by selectively removing target proteins. This regulatory system is required for important biological processes, ranging from hormone signaling in plants to cell cycle progression in humans, where its misregulation has been associated with some types of cancer. Thines and his students are using functional genomic and molecular genetic approaches to identify novel roles for UPS genes that are turned on by environmental stresses. The topic is timely as global climate change will impact plant life, agricultural productivity, and food security worldwide. Thines’ publications include articles in Nature, Plant Signaling and Behavior, Methods in Molecular Biology, and Current Opinion in Plant Biology. He teaches Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Introductory Biology.

  • Research
  • The Thines lab uses molecular genetic and functional genomic approaches to understand how plant cells respond to environmental stress.


Recent Faculty Publications

Sepulveda-Garcia E, Fulton EC*, Parlan EV*, O'Connor LE*, Fleming AA*, Replogle AJ, Rocha-Sosa M, Gendron JM, Thines B. (2021) Unique N-terminal Interactions Connect F-BOX STRESS INDUCED (FBS) Proteins to a WD40 Repeat-like Protein Pathway in Arabidopsis. Plants 10 (10): 2228 - 2241.

Liu W, Feke A, Leung CC, Tarte DA, Yuan W, Vanderwall M, Sager G, Wu X, Schear A, Clark DA, Thines BC, Gendron JM. (2021) A Metabolic Daylength Measurement System Mediates Winter Photoperiodism in Plants. Developmental Cell 56 (17): 2501 - 2515.

Thines B, Parlan EV*, Fulton EC*. (2019) Circadian Network Interactions in Jasmonic Acid Signaling and Defense. Plants 8 (8): 252 - 265.

Gonzalez L, Keller K, Chan K, Gessel M, Thines B. (2017) Transcriptome Analysis Uncovers Arabidopsis F-BOX STRESS INDUCED1 as a Regulator of Jasmonic Acid and Abscisic Acid Stress Gene Expression.  BMC Genomics.

* asterisk indicate Puget Sound undergraduate co-authors

BS SUNY Plattsburgh 2000
PhD Washington State University 2006
Genetics BIOL 213-A Fall 2024
Science/Math Seminar Series BIOL 398-A Fall 2024

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