George Erving


Professor, Honors, Humanities, and English, Susan Resneck Pierce Professor of Humanities and Honors, and Director, Honors

George Erving is a scholar of the British Romantic era and its intersections with contemporary culture. He takes special interest in the ways that imaginative works by Romantic period authors inform and are informed by contemporary research in four interrelated fields—cognitive neuroscience, analytic idealism, Buddhist philosophy, and the emerging field of psychedelic studies—each of which refutes our culture’s prevailing belief in the material nature of reality by arguing instead that the material world is a manifestation of consciousness. He is the author of scholarly essays published by Oxford, Blackwell, European Romantic Review, and other journals on the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Blake, British Romantic period drama, mimetic theory, European intellectual history, and psychedelic studies. He holds a Ph.D. in British Literature and is the Susan Resneck Pierce Professor of Honors, Humanities, and English. He teaches in each of these areas while also directing the university’s Honors Program.

BA Stanford University 1977
MBA University of Oregon 1980
MA St. John's College 1995
MA University of Washington 1996
Ph.D University of Washington 2005
Sen Exp Sem: British Lit ENGL 432-A 2218
History of Ideas in the Arts HUM 200-A 2218
Metamorphosis and Identity HON 211-B 2224

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