Priti Joshi

Priti Joshi

Professor, English and Susan Resneck Pierce Professor of Humanities and Honors

Priti Joshi earned her B.A. in English and History from the University of Maryland, and Ph.D. in English from Rutgers University. Her primary area of research and teaching is nineteenth-century British literature, culture, and empire, with a secondary specialization in post-colonial literatures and film. She teaches courses on the Brontë sisters and other 19th-century women writers, including Elizabeth Gaskell; Charles Dickens; George Eliot; Britishness; Indian Fiction; Bollywood Film; Travel Writing; and the nonfiction prose essay. She is a 2022-3 M.C. Lang fellow at the Rare Book School at UVA and is excited to help develop a “culture of the book as artifact” at Puget Sound.

Prof. Joshi is the author of Empire News: The Anglo-Indian Press Writes India (SUNY Press 2021) which examines 19th-century Indian newspapers, their circulation, and their response to crises. Empire News won the Colby scholarly book prize from the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals and was shortlisted for the DeLong prize for best book from the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Printing. She has also published articles on Anne Brontë, Frances Trollope, Edwin Chadwick, George Eliot, and Charles Dickens; on India in the 1851 Great Exhibition (in Museum History Journal); and on advertisements in periodicals (in Victorian Periodicals Review).  She is currently working on a projected book-length study entitled For Illustrative Purposes Only: From Lithography to Photography in Indian Periodicals of the Nineteenth Century.      

BA University of Maryland 1988
PhD Rutgers University 1998
The Book as Human Artifact ENGL 277-A Spring 2024
Eras ENGL 383-A Spring 2024
Adv Seminar in British Lit ENGL 432-A Spring 2024
The Book as Human Artifact ENGL 277-A Fall 2024
South Asian Fiction ENGL 361-A Fall 2024
Adv Seminar World Literatures ENGL 430-A Fall 2024

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