2016-2017 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Dr. Megan Daniels, Redford Archaeology Fellow with a Ph.D. from Stanford University, gave a lecture on the history and methodology of the discipline of archaeology in ARTH 294 in April 2017.

Dr. Ellen Hurst, Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center, gave a lecture on her research focused on the interaction between Muscovite and Italian architecture of the early modern period in ARTH 294 in February 2017.

2015-2016 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Dr. Abigail Susik, Assistant Professor of Art History, Willamette University, gave a guest lecture exploring her methodological approach in ARTH 294 in April 2016.

Dr. Ili Nagy, Professor Emerita of the University of Puget Sound, gave a guest lecture on Etruscan mirrors in ARTH 361 in April 2016.

Dr. Rossitza Schroeder, Associate Professor of Art History, Pacific School of Religion of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA, presented a lecture on the late Byzantine monastic church's decoration Chora in Constantinople in ARTH 362 in November 2015. She also gave a public lecture on her recent project, entitled: The Sultan’s Icon: Gentile Bellini’s Portrait of Mehmed II and the Sacred Rhetoric.

2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Michael Cherney, photographer, and calligrapher gave a lecture entitled "The Sun is Not So Central” in March 2015.

Dr. Xiaofeng Huang, Associate Professor of Art History at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, gave a lecture addressing the iconography of the rainscape in the history of Chinese art and its political symbolism in the case of Chinese painter Fu Baoshi (1904–1965), entitled "How Does Rain Transform Chinese Landscape Painting: Fu Baoshi’s Rainscape in 20th Century China" in November 2014.

2013-2014 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Dr. Melanie Herzog, Professor of Art History, Edgewood College, Madison, WI, gave a guest lecturer entitled "'My Art Speaks for Both My Peoples:' Elizabeth Catlett, Prints and Sculptures" in February 2014.

Dr. Alicia Walker, Assistant Professor of Art History, Bryn Mawr College, gave a guest lecture entitled Byzantine Art and the Ethics of Sexual Desire” in ARTH 362 in November 2013.

2012-2013 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Xu Yongmin, prize-winning painter and President of the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in Wuhan, gave a lecture entitled “Changing Art Education in China’s Art Academies” in March 2012.

2011-2012 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Professor Gao Shiming, Vice President, China Art Academy, Hangzhou, China, made a campus talk on “From Farewell to Rehearsal: Critical Thinking from a Chinese Curator of Contemporary Art” November 2011.

2008-2009 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Dr. Lisa Nevett, Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology, University of Michigan, gave a guest lecture entitled “The Art of Dark Age Greece,” in Art 360 in February 2009. She also presented the Lora Bryning-Redford public lecture in Archaeology, entitled: About the House in Ancient Greece: The Archaeology of Ancient Households.

Professor Kunpei Kawachi of the Daito Bunka Daigaku (Eastern Culture University), Tokyo, Japan, had a solo exhibition of his paintings, poetry, and calligraphy in Kittredge Gallery as the Chism visiting artist and delivered a campus lecture on “The Art of Kukai, the Sage of Calligraphy in Japan” in October 2008.

2007-2008 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Dr. Brenda Longfellow ‘94, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa, gave a Chism guest lecture in ARTH 361 in April 2008 entitled “Haven't I Seen This Before? Reusing Statues in Antiquity.”

2006-2007 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Dr. Christopher Hallett, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley, gave a guest lecture entitled “A New Antonine Portrait Head from Aphrodisias” in October 2006.

Dr. Jeffrey Collins, Professor, Bard Graduate Center, gave a guest lecture entitled “Marshaling the Muses: Visualizing Greece in Papal Rome” in October 2006.

2004-2005 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Professor Michael Sullivan, Fellow Emeritus of St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, gave a campus lecture on “Building on Friendship: Sixty Years of Modern Chinese Art” in March 2005.

2001-2002 ACADEMIC YEAR:

Professor Cao Yiqiang, Dean of the School of the Humanities, China Art Academy, and a Senior Fellow of National Gallery of Art, Washington, delivered a campus lecture on “Unintended Consequences: Social Reformist and Calligrapher Kang Youwei's Italian Tour (1904) and Art Revolution in China” in March 2002.