Degree Requirements

General Requirements for the Major or Minor

General university degree requirements stipulate that 1) at least four units of the major or three units of the minor be taken in residence at Puget Sound; 2) students earn a GPA of 2.0 in courses taken for the major or the minor; and 3) all courses taken for a major or minor must be taken for graded credit. Any exceptions to these stipulations are indicated in the major and minor degree requirements listed below.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts

Completion of the following 10 units: THTR 215; 217; one unit of 250, 252, 254, or 256; 300 or 310; 313; 317; 371; 373; 490; and one additional THTR unit other than 200. MUS 220 may be used to fulfill this elective.

Requirements for the Minor

Completion of the following 6 units: THTR 215; 217; two of the following: MUS 220, THTR 200, 250, 252, 254, 256, 371, or 373; two additional theatre electives of the student's choice.


The Theatre Arts Department reserves the option of determining, on an individual basis, a time limit on the applicability of courses to a major or minor.

Senior Theatre Thesis

Senior majors in the Department of Theatre Arts complete a culminating thesis project that requires the planning, execution, and evaluation of a four-show festival of plays, collaboratively produced. This Senior Theatre Festival is the capstone of experiential learning in the program, and draws on all areas of study in the major, while also mirroring many aspects of professional work in the field post-degree. Through an intense supervised process, the senior class reads extensively, selects four full-length plays to produce, and determines which seniors will direct, design, dramaturg, and act in STF shows as their thesis project. This year-long ensemble process comprises the collaboration, culminating in an April festival.

Theatre Arts faculty provide guidance, beginning with thesis-oriented readiness assessment during junior interviews. The faculty emphasizes that success in STF, particularly in key roles such as director and dramaturg, correlates with three distinct modes of achievement: maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA across all theatre classes; participating in a faculty directed show in a high responsibility production role; and a strong experience in the 313 Directing class.