Upcoming Productions

Recent Fall 2020 Production:

Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner

An irreverent, passionate, hilarious and endearing modern take on Anton Checkhov's The Seagull

Directed by Dr. Marilyn Bennett

A young writer (Con) is in love with Nina, the featured actor in his new-age play. Nina becomes attracted to a successful author (Trigorin), while the daughter of Con’s estate manager (Mash), is desperately in love with Con, and a school teacher (Dev) is hopelessly in love with Mash. Con’s famous actor/mother, Emma is wooing the noted writer, Trigorin, (with whom Nina falls in love), and cannot give Con the love and approval he needs. Emma’s older brother, Sorn finds all mildly amusing and wonders whether the others only “pretend to feel the things they feel”.

And Dev and Masha occasionally sing impassioned folk songs about it all.

LANGUAGE: Stupid Fucking Bird contains adult language and themes.