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Affiliated Organizations

Internships, etc.

Agents and Play Finders

  • Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. B P P I specializes in full-length, contemporary, American plays. B P P I also publishes some dramatic adaptations of classic plays and literature. B P P I acts as the authors' agent in the licensing of professional and amateur production rights to these plays in the United States and Canada.
  • Dramatist Play Service, Inc. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. is one of the premier play-licensing agencies in the English-speaking theatre. They provide support for playwrights by publishing acting editions of their plays and handling the nonprofessional and professional leasing rights to these works.
  • Samuel French, Inc. Play publishers and author representatives.
  • Tams-Witmark Tams-Witmark licenses the rights to perform complete, live stage performances of many Broadway Musical Shows to producers of musical shows around the world.
  • Playscripts, Inc. Publisher of new plays for theaters worldwide
  • A free service provided by Playscripts for finding play information. Their database is not limited to Playscripts plays.
  • Free online guide to modern playwrights and theatre plays.