School of Business & Leadership

About the School

The mission of the School of Business and Leadership is to provide students with a unique and innovative business education that prepares them for success as leaders in a complex and dynamic global environment.

The program of the School of Business and Leadership incorporates business fundamentals (management, marketing, finance, accounting, law, and ethics) strengthened by strong ties to other academic units on campus.

Students who graduate from the School of Business and Leadership should be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, within the discourse of business and leadership.
  2. Formulate and investigate questions relevant to the marketplace and managed organizations.
  3. Solve problems using appropriate analytical, quantitative, and qualitative techniques.
  4. Understand the conceptual models that inform accounting, finance, law and ethics, management, and marketing (the functional areas).
  5. Understand the ethical and social perspectives of a global marketplace.
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of globalization on business and its stakeholders.

The School of Business and Leadership offers a Bachelor of Arts degree. Within the program, the student may select a Business Administration Emphasis or an International Business Emphasis. First-year students may also apply to the selective Business Leadership Program (BLP). To complement the academic program business majors are encouraged to participate in experiential learning opportunities including internships, mentorships, international work and study, field research, and problem solving projects.

A cross-disciplinary degree is offered in conjunction with The School of Music, which offers a Bachelor of Music degree with Elective Studies in Business. See the Music section in the Bulletin for additional information.

Community Summer 2020

Puget Sound is excited to offer new virtual courses to foster connection and learning in the local community and beyond.

Immerse yourself in classical music or rock and roll with faculty from the School of Music. Explore various topics such as civil rights history, business leadership, professional communications, or family history archiving - all taught by inspiring Puget Sound faculty in a live, interactive online format. Community Summer 2020 welcomes students of all ages. 

Visit our website for details and to register