Ethics Bowl

An Ethics Bowl is a collaborative yet competitive event in which teams analyze a series of wide-ranging ethical dilemmas. Responses are judged according to the quality of a team’s reasoning and how well team members:

  • organize and present their case
  • attend to and analyze the morally relevant features of the case
  • anticipate and preemptively respond to commentary and questions

An exciting tournament, an ethics bowl is a great way for students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of interesting ethical and social issues.

As part of the Puget Sound Ethics Bowl team, students get a chance to:

  • Represent the university at two public Ethics Bowl Competitions attended by Washington State leaders in industry, politics, and education. The first one in November, the second in April. The University of Puget Sound Ethics Bowl team placed third in the ICW competition in April 2014!
  • Learn about ethical theories and their application to concrete and timely issues.
  • Develop invaluable skills including philosophical reasoning, presenting effective oral argument, considering alternative points of view, thinking about difficult but timely and important issues, and working effectively in a small team.
  • Have great conversations and discussions with other students, both at Puget Sound and at the event itself. The team will have a small budget for dinners and books throughout the year.
  • The possibility of earning 0.25 units of activity credit per semester by registering for Phil 399 during Fall and/or Spring.

If interested, please contact professor Ariela Tubert in the Philosophy department (

In connection with the Puget Sound Access Programs, members of the Puget Sound Ethics Bowl team are involved in coaching a high school ethics bowl team from Tacoma Public Schools.