Degree Requirements

General Requirements for a Minor

General university degree requirements stipulate that 1) three units of the minor be taken in residence at Puget Sound; 2) students earn a GPA of 2.0 in courses taken for the minor; and 3) all courses taken for a minor must be taken for graded credit. Any exceptions to these stipulations are indicated in the minor degree requirements listed below.

Requirements for the Gender and Queer Studies Minor

Completion of a minimum of five units to include:

  1. GQS 201 (introductory survey)
  2. GQS 360 (theory and methods course)
  3. GQS 494 (thesis course)
  4. At least two elective courses from this list.

Note: Only one course taken for the major may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Gender and Queer Studies minor.


GQS 201 and GQS 360 are prerequisites for GQS 494.