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Outstanding Education Studies Minor

Outstanding Education Studies Minor

Outstanding Education Studies Minor

The Education Studies Award is given to a student who has performed and achieved at an exceptional level as a student in the Education Studies minor. Through coursework and participation in school environments, this student has shown significant growth and capacity in recognizing and confronting bias and inequities that shape school institutions and in critically considering how educational policy and classroom practices impact the learning opportunities available to P-12 students.



Abby is an incredibly positive, dedicated student and an especially insightful observer of children’s learning. Abby’s contributions serve to advance the collective thinking of her peers. She has made a tremendous difference in local schools through her attentive presence, collaboration, relationship-building skills, and insight into student growth and learning.



Erica has a keen ability to see students as individuals, reading their behaviors and engagement in ways that are insightful and validating. She has spent hundreds of hours volunteering in a local 5th grade classroom, making thoughtful contributions to her mentor teacher’s classroom and to the school building as a whole.




Robin brings a thoughtfulness and authenticity to the study of education that Education Studies minor faculty appreciate. He genuinely thinks through complex issues like race, equity, and meaningful instruction. He engages sincerely in discussions by actively questioning his beliefs and contrasting his beliefs to others’ perspectives.